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Our deal is too good to be legit, but it is legit!

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What Others Say on Facebook

Our deal is too good to be legit, but it is legit!

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Custom Corporate Gift Mug for Promotion

Competitive Price

You can get real factory direct price here, generally, our landed price is 50% cheaper.

Why? The answer is obvious!

  • We are factory
  • We are based in China

See Our Company Profile

Easy Customization

Our in house designers and product export will assist you on customizing.

Years of experience on this industry will help you to avoid drawbacks, mistakes and potential problems.

Our online design room let your hands as fast as your thoughts.

Wide Variety

We have more than 800 metal and plastic drinkware items available to choose from and the number is growing.

They are distributed into clear categories like: Travel Mug, Coffee Mug, Water Bottle, Thermos Flask etc.

Our online filter system enables you to find the right item much faster.

Give it a Try

Flexible Service

Want us to help you to outsource a specific with your photo?

Need a custom corporate colored spray coating?

Want us to shot high definition photos of your ordered item for presentation?

There are more services !

Do You Have These Experiences?

Time Consuming to Find a Suitable Item for Your Project Due to Lack of Enough Information to Make the Decision?


Can’t Get an Accurate Quotation in Time When You Are Being Chased by Client?


Waiting Your suppliers About Product Data Impatiently?


Being Chased by Your Client for a Mock Up, But Your Designer is Not Available?

We Are Different

We are Here to Solve These Problems

Developed User-Friendly Product Filter System on Our Website


Developed an Efficient Quoting System, Detailed and Accurate Quotation Sheet Can be Sent in Timely Manner


Having In-House Designer Assisting Customers on the Work Related to Artworks

Our Success is Based on Your Success

Make You Impressive in Front of Your Clients is Important to Us!

Custom Mold Project

Making Your Idea Into Reality

Starting a custom mold project is an adventure, your supplier’s experience, project management is the vital part to make a success project.


PromoWare is your solution to making your idea into reality!


Our expertise in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is impressive with over 10 years experience in our business line, we can help you avoid as many drawbacks as possible.


We are willing to share the risk with you by accepting partial payment in advance.