What We Do

We mainly deal in exporting of plastic and metal drinkwares, such as travel mugs, thermos flasks and sports bottles etc.Because of our delicate quality and professional service, we have been enjoying great customer relations and good markets.With the great dedication of our staff and experts, we manage to provide our customers the most professional service and competitive products despite the cultural gap and language difference.

Pain Points We Solve

PromoWare founded is to solve the pain point of low commnunicate effectiveness.Save you buyers time, make
the sourcing process easier and help our customers win the orders.

Featured Flexible Service

Some customers like to start with a smaller quantity order due to the reason of controlling risk or the campaign size limit , we are ready to lower Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ), to achieve this is by preparing some items in stock, yet keeping them uncoated, unprinted. Another approach is ” joint buy” mold, this mold is to take advantage of MOQ on different manufacturing stage.In regards with the variety items offering, and operation mold, we dig further than our competitors.