Before launch a custom mold project, always should be cautious, but express your concept clearly to an experienced, talented partner can help you avoid potential “traps”, they will give you suggestions through the process. It is very important for brand owner and manufacturer work closely to ensure a custom project meets all the criteria necessary for success.

We understand most of the brand owners have little or no experience on the manufacturing, so we think in the partnership, we have to do more work and let the brand owners do less, when letting the brand owners make decision, have the decision is easier to make. With this strategy in mind, Our standard custom mold project flow is as below:

Hand Draft Drawing

We can start from your draft as long as it expresses your concept clearly and with size marked.
When reviewing your draft work, we will ask you something like the material you want to use,
if there is special requirement.

ie.: if the lid required to be made of Tritan/AS/PS transparent lid, then screw construction is not recommended, instead, to use the press in construction, because there will be powder from these materials on the screwing process
You can require us to sign an NDA before sending your work.
We will quote you the estimated unit cost as well as the estimated molding cost.

CAD Drawing

We will make a CAD drawing based on your draft, make miner changes if nesseciary to have your design can be manufacturered.
There are limits, ie.: for a stainless steel mug, the ratio of mouth diameter against base diameter should be lower than 0.4
making the sharp angle to be round angle.

This Service is Free

3D Drawing

When the CAD drawing get approved, Our in-house designers will make a 3D drawing based on the CAD drawing
The purpose is
1, to examine the drawing further
2, prepare for 3D printing

This Service is Free

3D Printed Prototype

This is to let you to examine your work finally before start the molding, and it will be a reference for mold made product
mug, mug lid and even rubber band can be 3D printed

This Service is Free

Molding & Sampling

It takes anywhere from 10days to 50 days, the timing is various based on the complexy of the item, and the material of the product
usually, for a stainless steel bottle, takes 15 days, and refining the mold, takes 5-10 days
plastic lid, takes 35 days, refining the mold, takes 5-15 days
simple plastic container, can be ready in a week.
There might by delay, so for time-sensitive project, leave extra time for molding on planning.
Our payment term is 50% dawn payment, balance to be paid when the sample from the mold is get approved.

Coloring,Labeling & Packaging

Again, tell us your requirement, we will give your suggestions
like, dishwashable, we will recommend the powder coating with laser engrave labeling